When we built our house, we retained another company to install satellite tv, whole house audio, cell phone boosters, Internet, and security. The systems worked okay for a few months, but then started to deteriorate. At first, the installing company returned my calls and came out to address the problems. After about a year, even though my messages cleary indicated that I would pay for service, my texts, phone calls, and emails went unanswered. My systems were awful. We had to turn the volume on the main tv to the max because 2/3 of the sound system wasn’t working. The security cameras were kaput. We couldn’t use our cell phones in the house. I had no idea where to turn. I was unbelievably fortunate to run into Chris Jones and his company. He spent hours (days, really) getting all these systems not only working, but running better than they ever had. Chris is knowledgeable, responsive, completely trustworthy, and doesn’t give up until he finds a solution to resolve each issue. I only wish he had been in business three years ago when we built our house.