Understanding the True Value of Managed Services - Image 1

You are an internet company.

Most internet companies like Google, eBay, and Amazon are synonymous with the West Coast. As a result, it is hard to conceive that your business in Burnet or Marble Falls is an internet company, but it is.

Whether you like it or not, your company thrives on your ability to access the internet effectively and consistently. Moreover, as the number of devices that connect to the internet increases, the quality of your internet connection and networking directly impacts the efficiency of your business, including all the work you do via email.

So, what happens when your internet goes down? Or when you can’t receive emails? What happens when your software systems do not work as they should?

Your business grinds to a halt, and neither you nor your employees can get any work done. In these instances, it is crucial for you to have a plan in place to minimize the amount of downtime your business experiences due to technical disruptions.

To alleviate the losses incurred by technical malfunction, HCTS is offering Managed IT Service Contracts to businesses in Burnet, Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay and the surrounding Highland Lakes area.

A Managed IT Service Contract allows your business to have a set amount of monthly service hours available. It is a peace-of-mind policy that ensures that if a major (or minor) IT problem appears, you can get help quickly from world-class professionals that work in your hometown.

HCTS has multiple decades of experience in IT problem solving for Fortune 500 companies and governments organizations. We want to use our experience to enhance your business. Call us at (830) 637-2910 or visit our website to learn more about how Managed IT Services by HCTS can help increase the efficiency and profitability of your business.