Internet-of-Things-Trillion-Dollar-Industry-Image-Source-teamarin.net_By 2020 there will be an estimated 212 billion IoT objects connected to the internet. An IoT object is any device with an on/off switch connected to the internet. We are currently in a series of blog posts to help you navigate what IoT means for your home, business and city. Click here to read our last blog about IoT in your home.

The Internet of Things is no longer reserved for the Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees and millions in expenditures. In fact, Bob O’Donnell, president and chief analyst of TECHnalysis Research believes “the biggest potential impact for IoT is, in fact, going to be in small businesses, not big ones.” His point is rooted in that over 89% of all US businesses have fewer than 20 employees. Every small business owner is strapped for time and has an endless list of tasks. O’Donnell notes that by leveraging IoT sensors, high quality wireless networks and modern cloud-based software small business owners will be able to increase their productivity and reduce their costs.

The first step for small business owners in the Texas Hill Country to harness the power of IoT is to ensure the strength and full functionality of internet networking within the premises of the business. Without a strong networking foundation, it impossible to benefit from data-tracking and automation of IoT. As you consider IoT, schedule a consultation with Hill Country Technology Solutions. We will use our decades of networking experience to ensure your business has the foundation necessary to transition to the next generation of technology applications.

After you establish a strong network base for IoT devices, below are a few practical ways of introducing IoT technology to improve the efficiency of your business.

Boosting energy efficiency:  By introducing sensors and trackers (including smart home services such as Tado, Nest, or more advanced lighting systems such as Loxone), the use of heating and lighting can be controlled remotely, and money can be saved.

Better delivery: If your small business has a delivery component to the services offer, try using your smart-phone to tap into traffic-tracking apps like Waze (which is free!) that will help you intelligently plan your delivery route.

These recommendations just scratch the surface of what is possible with IoT. Ultimately using IoT tools allow you to make smarter choices that reduce waste and improve production for your small business.

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